Iron Mountain Cutlery is inspired by the area in which all knives offered on this website are forged. The mountain on which I live has been given the name "Iron Mountain." This is due to the vast quantity of Iron Ore contained within the mountain. At the bottom of the Iron Mountain is an historic set of railroad tracks that dates back many, many years. Although these tracks do not provide me with the spikes, and the mountain does not provide me with the ore for the knives that I forge, I get all of my inspiration from the mountain and the tracks in order to provide a "woodsy, mountainous, rugged" themed knife.

For multiple generations, my family has been involved in blacksmithing dating back to the 1800's and earlier in Italy, and then in the USA. My father has been a machinist since before I was born, so I have been involved with metal and metalwork for my entire life. I started out by watching my father do machine jobs. The next phase of my love for metalwork began the first day I tried welding. Since then, I have been fascinated with the "hot working" field of metalwork. That fascination grew from welding, to forging; that being where I am today. I make my knives and sheaths to have a mountainous rugged feel to them. I take great satisfaction in seeing customers who enjoy my product so much.

All products offered on this website are 100% handmade. Each knife comes with its own custom handmade leather sheath. Knife blade designs vary in styles ranging from skinners to straight backs or drop points to clip points. These knives work very well with hunters, especially for tasks such as field dressing or caping and skinning. Standard series railroad spike knives have been a favorite choice across the board, but for the more agressive user, higher grade options are also available. The railroad spike knives are also great for collectors of railroad memorabilia.